Special Offers


Everybody loves bamboo - when they have the right variety!

This is why we are offering Phyllostachys nigra in a 12 litre pot for the special price of 2 for £90.

They can be grown in large pots or in the ground where over time they will show off their wonderful stems.

Good bulky plants approx. 1.8m (6ft) high and lots of stems. 

Phyllostachys nigra - 125-150cm 12L

Expires 30th September 2021

9cm Pot Alpine Offer - 5 for £11

We have a wide selection of alpines here at Willowbrook. They are a versatile range of plants with alot of them being evergreen, displaying lots of flowers at certain times of the year, generally easy to grow if given well drained soil and this offer makes them even better value. The range changes throughout the season so it is worth checking back at regular intervals to see NEW varieties. Catch them before they are gone! Have ANY mix of five 9cm pot alpine plants for £11.

Qualifying products:
ALPINE Ajuga 'Golden Beauty' 9cm
ALPINE Ajuga reptans 'Chocolate Chip' 9cm
ALPINE Alchemilla erythropoda 'Alma' 9cm
ALPINE Alyssum montanum 'Bergold' 9cm
ALPINE Antennaria dioica 'Alba' 9cm
ALPINE Aquilegia 'Cameo Mixed' 9cm
ALPINE Arabis blephharophylla 9cm
ALPINE Arenaria montana 9cm
ALPINE Arenaria montana 'Summer White' 9cm
ALPINE Armeria maritima 'Armada Pink' 9cm
ALPINE Armeria maritima 'Armada White' 9cm
and more...

Expires 30th September 2021

3 Litre Laurel Hedging Offer

Our Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia' are great for making an evergreen hedge.

If you buy more than 10 plants you will get 10% off!

Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia' 3L

2L Leylandii Offer

Leylandii are a bit like 'Marmite' as to whether you like them, but they are possibly the fastest, most clipp-able, easy-to-look-after evergreen hedge.

If you buy 10 or more you can get 10% off.

x Cuprocyparis 'Leylandii' 2L

9cm Strawberry plant offer

The taste of Summer just has to be strawberries, so we are offering 5 of any mixture of our 9cm Strawberry plants for £11. They are easy to grow and can be grown in containers or pots (and even hanging baskets) which makes them easy to pick as well.

Get the cream and umbrella out and wait for Wimbledon...

Qualifying products:
Strawberry 'Korona' 8.5cm/9cm

Expires 15th September 2021

Pond Lily Offer - Buy 3 and get 10% off

We have some lovely Lily plants just for your garden pond in a wide range of colours. The range of colours will add something special to your pond. The plants are submerged here in the garden centre so will transfer into your pond with little disturbance. They are supplied in aquatic baskets with handles so that they can be lowered gradually. This offer includes all the lilies we have at the centre and its a great way to brighten up your pond for the Summer.

Qualifying products:
LILY - Nymphaea Alba var. Rubra 3L
LILY - Nymphaea Almost Black 3L
LILY - Nymphaea Conqueror 3L
LILY - Nymphaea Attraction 3L
LILY - Nymphaea Mayla 3L
LILY - Nymphaea Charles de Meurville 3L
LILY - Nymphaea Arc-En-Ciel 3L
LILY - Nymphaea Darwin (Hollandia) 3L
LILY - Nymphaea Mrs Richmond 3L
LILY - Nymphaea Odorata Firecrest 3L
LILY - Nymphaea Aurora 2L
and more...

Expires 31st October 2021

1L Pond Marginal Plant Offer

To soften the edge of your pond you may need to plant some marginal plants. These are plants that can be submerged in shallow (not deep) water. If you buy 3 or more 1 Litre marginal plants you will save 10% off.

Time to spruce up the pond!

Qualifying products:
MARGINAL - Acorus calamus variegatus 1L
MARGINAL - Acorus gramineus Ogon 1L
MARGINAL - Acorus gramineus variegatus 1L
MARGINAL - Alisma plantago aquaticum 1L
MARGINAL - Anagalis tenella 1L
MARGINAL - Baldellia ranunculoides 1L
MARGINAL - Butomus umbellatus 1L
MARGINAL - Calla palustris 1L
MARGINAL - Caltha palustris 1L
and more...

Expires 31st October 2021

9cm Herb Offer

We love herbs. They are easy to grow if given well drained soil and lots of sun. They can be used for cooking, making tea, adding to salads or drying. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes with different coloured foliage and lots of different flavours. You can have ANY mix of five 9cm pot herbs for £11.

Qualifying products:
HERB Alpine Strawberry 9cm
HERB Balm - Lemon 8.5cm/9cm
HERB Basil - Bush 9cm
HERB Basil - Cinnamon 9cm
HERB Basil - Sweet 8.5cm/9cm
HERB Bay 9cm
and more...

Expires 30th September 2021

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