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Natural corn leaf hanging toy. Fun for all small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Fun for pets to play with and chew. 32 cm total length.

Jumbo Play Veg Carrot & Corn
Jumbo Play Veg Carrot & Corn
Jumbo sized corn leaf play veg for pets to chew and toss. Made from corn leaf and rattan and coloured with pet-safe colours. Twin pack with each toy 21cm long. Ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs

Maze-A-Log Treat ChallengeMaze-A-Log Treat Challenge
Maze-A-Log Treat Challenge
Inspired by our Shred-a-log, the Maze-a-log takes assorted sizes of corrugated cardboard ‘logs’ mounted on a thick 30 x 30cm board to create a ‘boredom breaking’ feeding challenge for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and even ferrets. Search, scratch and safe-to-chew fun which is ideal with many of our ‘Naturals’ treats (available separately).

NATURALS Sea Grass Fun Ball   Large
NATURALS Sea Grass Fun Ball Large
Recommended for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats
NATURALS Trio Of Fun Balls MediumNATURALS Trio Of Fun Balls Medium
NATURALS Trio Of Fun Balls Medium
Suitable for all small animals

NATURALS Weave-A-Ball   LargeNATURALS Weave-A-Ball   Large
NATURALS Weave-A-Ball Large
Naturals' that are perfect for play and gnawing down those growing teeth. All are top sellers, especially our exclusive, design protected Hay 'N' Hides made from extra thick and tough cellulose rolls coated in meadow hay!

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