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BABY BIO  Bonsai Food   175ml
BABY BIO Bonsai Food 175ml
Baby Bio® Bonsai Food, new to Britains favourite houseplant care brand Baby Bio® Bonsai Food helps to provide balanced and steady growth in order to the Bonsai plant to become strong. It can be used on outdoor and indoor Bonsai plants, such as Acer, Juniper, Chinese & Elm to name a few.
BABY BIO Cacti Food   175ml
BABY BIO Cacti Food 175ml
New to Baby Bio®, a plant food ideal for all your Cacti & Succulents Baby Bio® Cactus Food is the ideal feed for your cacti and succulents, including Mammillaria, Sempervivum, Aloe, Christmas cacti & many more. Aiding healthy growth and flowering, the feed also helps to build stronger spines for your plants.

BABY BIO Leaf Shine 200ml
BABY BIO Leaf Shine 200ml
Help your houseplants look their best with Baby Bio® Leaf Shine. To help your houseplants thrive, use Baby Bio® Leaf Shine to give them a long-lasting natural looking shine. Baby Bio® Leaf Shine is an easy to use aerosol product that gives your houseplants' leaves the shine they need to look the best they can. By keeping the dust off the leaves, it maximises the light reacing the leaves and therefore...

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