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GARDMAN Hedgehog Bites - 650g
GARDMAN Hedgehog Bites - 650g
Hedgehog Bites are carefully blended to provide hedgehogs with essential minerals and vitamins. Contains 650g. Feed on the ground or in a Gardman ground feeding tray. Nutritious and high in energy.

I Love Hedgehogs   500gI Love Hedgehogs   500g
I Love Hedgehogs 500g
UK hedgehog populations are sadly declining, faced by a range of threats to their natural habitat. Here’s your chance to give them a valuable nutritional boost – whether they’re bulking up for winter or foraging busily to regain their post-hibernation strength for the courtship season. Tailor-made for these endearingly shy mammals, our delicious blend includes nuts, fruit, sunflower hearts and...
JOHNSTON & JEFF Dried Calciworms   500g
JOHNSTON & JEFF Dried Calciworms 500g
Dried Calciworms are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens). They contain around 50 times more calcium than other insects or worms, making them an excellent supplement to our range of premium quality wild bird feeds. Calcium is crucial for maintaining a strong skeletal system, for egg development, muscle contraction, nerve impulses, and a host of other important metabolic systems....