Spring flowering bulbs are those that require planting in the autumn in order to prepare your garden for a very much welcomed burst of beautiful, cheerfulness after a long, dark winter.

Taylor’s spring flowering bulb range is extensive, including everything from; Garden Greats combined pre-packs that have been carefully selected to ensure an explosion of colour; to Best of the Best Fragrance that highlight our top picks of fragrant bulbs.

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Cyclamen coum   9cm
Cyclamen coum 9cm
This excellent, hardy winter-flowering cyclamen will slowly spread to give a carpet of colour under trees or shrubs. Pink or crimson flowers from December to March. Rounded, silvery-green leaves with marbled markings. Height - 10cm (4in). Prefers a sheltered, free-draining position.

TAYLORS Lily Sunny Morning - Special Edition
TAYLORS Lily Sunny Morning - Special Edition
'Martagon Lillies' - Great for a wild gardens, beds and borders. Flowering time - July. If panting in containers, plant deeply and keep well watered. In the ground they like a well-drained, moisture retentive soil with a good supply of humus. Height - 80cm (32")

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