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Jacobi Jayne

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I Love Hedgehogs   500gI Love Hedgehogs   500g
I Love Hedgehogs 500g
UK hedgehog populations are sadly declining, faced by a range of threats to their natural habitat. Here’s your chance to give them a valuable nutritional boost – whether they’re bulking up for winter or foraging busily to regain their post-hibernation strength for the courtship season. Tailor-made for these endearingly shy mammals, our delicious blend includes nuts, fruit, sunflower hearts and...

Little Lantern
Little Lantern
This clever feeder favours small species that happily cling to feed. Larger birds like starlings and pigeons may try but they’ll find it awkward and soon go somewhere else. Filling is easy by twisting the top, and the feeder base comes off for cleaning. Use with any Seed blend, Black Sunflower Seeds or Sunflower Hearts.

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I Love Robins Easy-Clean Treat Dish
Especially made for Britain's favourite bird, our new feeding dish is frost proof and dishwasher friendly. Fill with I Love Robins, seed, mealworms or suet and place on the ground or a bird table. A smooth rim lets birds perch in comfort.


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