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Acer cappadocicium 'Aureum' 12L
A medium sized tree with broad, glossy leaves. A striking form with red young leaves, turning golden yellow and remaing so for many weeks. Brilliant gold Autumn colour. Will grow in moist but well-drained soil in sun or partial shade.

Acer platanoides 'Crimson King'   12L
Acer platanoides 'Crimson King' 12L
'Norway maple'. A large, vigorous, spreading, deciduous tree with dark purple-red leaves turning red in autumn. Bears small yellow red tinged flowers. Will grow in most well-drained soils in a sunny position.

Laburnum x watereri 'Vossii'   7.5L
Laburnum x watereri 'Vossii' 7.5L
'Golden Rain'. A small tree. A spreading deciduous tree with dark green leaves and very long racemes of golden yellow flowers from May to June. Will grow in most well-drained soils in sun or part-shade. CAUTION toxic if eaten.

Malus 'Laura'    12LMalus 'Laura'    12L
Malus 'Laura' 12L
A small tree. A naturally dwarf tree with an upright habit, for even the smallest garden. Dark purple-green leaves and stunning pink and white scented flowers in April. Persistent large, round, maroon fruit perfect for the best crab apple jelly. Can be grown in a pot. Suits most well drained soils in sun or partial shade.
Malus 'Louisa'   12L
Malus 'Louisa' 12L
A charming graceful tree, one of the best weeping Malus, forming an umbrella shape. Dark green, glossy leaves, rose coloured buds opening to true pink flowers. Small lemon-gold ripening to golden-orange fruit festoon the branches in the autumn. Can be grown in a large container. Will grow in most soils in sun or partial shade.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Gold Rush'   12L
Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Gold Rush' 12L
Beautiful new introduction. A medium sized deciduous tree. It displays it's feathery golden foliage in spring and autumn. Normally grows 3-4 metres 10-12ft) in 10 years. Will grow in most well-drained soils in sun or partial shade.
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Parrotia persica 'Persian Spire' 12L
A narrow upright shape which is perfect for smaller spaces. Stunning leaves which are purple in spring, green in summer with purple edges and wonderful colours of yellow, orange and red in the autumn. Small red flowers in winter.

Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'   10L
Prunus 'Royal Burgundy' 10L
A NEW deciduous tree with double pink rose flowers in spring. Deep purple foliage through summer turning crimson in autumn. Plant in full sun or half shade in free draining soil. Height - 3-4 metres (10-12ft) in 10 years.
Pyrus salicifolius var. orientalis 'Pendula'   10L
Pyrus salicifolius var. orientalis 'Pendula' 10L
‘Willow leaved pear’. A weeping tree. One of the best tree’s for the smaller garden. The leaves are narrow, silvery-grey in colour, and it has white Pear blossom in April. Very elegant & attractive. The shape is determined by pruning it to shape (which is easy!). Prefers well-drained soil in sun or part-shade.

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Quercus palustris 'Green Pillar' 12L
An upright formal growing Oak tree with deeply lobed leaves which are an attractive shiny green turning rich scarlet red in autumn. Ideal for restricted spaces or avenue planting. Height after 10 years - 3-4m (10-12ft). Will grow in most well-darained soils in sun or partial shade.
Salix purpurea 'Pendula'  10L
Salix purpurea 'Pendula' 10L
‘American Weeping Willow’. A small tree. An attractive variety with long, pendulous, purple, branches that forms a small, charming weeping tree. Produces silvery green catkins from March to May, before the leaves. Will grow best in moist soil in sun or partial shade.Grafted as a standard.

Salix x sepulcralis var. chrysocoma   10L
Salix x sepulcralis var. chrysocoma 10L
'Golden Weeping Willow'. Possibly the most beautiful weeping tree hardy in our climate. A medium-sized, wide spreading tree producing vigorous, arching branches which terminate in slender, golden yellow, weeping branchlets ultimately of great length. Will grow in most sites and soils. (NOT suitable for smaller space's - for this use Salix purpurea 'Pendula'.)
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Sorbaronia likjormaja 'Liquorice' 12L
A hybrid between Sorbus aucuparia and Aronia, its key feature being spectacular autumn colours with lobed leaves. Small, slender tree.

Sorbus ullungdoensis 'Olympic Flame'   12L
Sorbus ullungdoensis 'Olympic Flame' 12L
A superb selection of Sorbus. A stiff, columnar tree when young, leaves green, coppery in the spring with stunning orange and red tints in autumn. The fruits are bright orange-red and not persistent. Taxonomist change from 'Dodong' 2015 (Island of Ulleung and Korea)