Willowbrook Aquatics

 Willowbrook Aquatics

Our staff have a wide experience in aquatics and can offer their knowledge to help you make the right choice. Our aquatic on-line shop lists a wide range of products that we sell. If you still can't find what you are looking for, then please give us a call. 

Our range of inside tanks and cabinets include ranges from BiOrb, Betta and AquaOne...

The decor we sell can be used for tropical, coldwater and marine tanks...

We sell a range of the best inside pumps and filters with well known brands including Aqua One, Eheim and Fluval.

We have a range of inside fish that are suitable for coldwater and tropical tanks. The range changes weekly so come in and have a look...

The fish food we sell covers all types of fish including flakes, pellets and frozen food!

Do you want to make an outside water feature in your garden? We have different waterfalls on display along with the knowledge of which pumps you will need for the job.

To soften the edge of your outside ponds we have a wide range of marginal plants along with moisture-loving plants, lillies and oxygenating plants in bunches.

We stock different types and sizes of liners along with aquatic compost and baskets.

We have lots of different treatments for your pond including well known brands.

Water features are a great way to add water to your garden with hardly any fuss. The water is self contained and all they need is power.


Our friendly and helpful staff look forward to seeing you soon.