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FEATHERS & BEAKY Chicken Treat   5kgFEATHERS & BEAKY Chicken Treat   5kg
FEATHERS & BEAKY Chicken Treat 5kg
Feathers & Beaky Chicken Treat is a little different from the traditional mixed corn. We've gathered all the things that chickens love and mixed them into a deliciously good treat. A chicken's crop only holds around 100g of feed, so we advise feeding Chicken Treat after they've finished their layers pellets to ensure they get all their nutritional requirements. We recommend feeding about 20g per day,...
FEATHERS & BEAKY Garlic & Seaweed Mega Peck-it   1.2kgFEATHERS & BEAKY Garlic & Seaweed Mega Peck-it   1.2kg
FEATHERS & BEAKY Garlic & Seaweed Mega Peck-it 1.2kg
Feathers & Beaky Garlic & Seaweed Mega Peck-it is a yummy, boredom-busting pecking block packed with delicious health-boosting ingredients. Placed in the coop, run, or hung up at head height with a knotted rope, the long-lasting Mega Peck-it will keep your flock occupied, whilst providing them with 100% natural nutrition. Garlic naturally supports gut health, circulatory & respiratory function, whilst...

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