Garden Shop

We have a well-stocked garden shop with lots of seasonal products just right for your garden.


Fancy sowing some seeds. We have 3 different ranges to choose from including vegetables and flowers.

We also have a pots and seed trays of all different sizes. Which one would you like?

We have gloves of all sizes...we also have wellington boots of all sizes, patterns and...

For the more relaxed gardener we have a range of books that suit almost anyone.

The range of food and sweets we sell changes with the seasons.

We have lots of different fertilizers and treatments for plants whether they are inside or outside.

Little things are sometimes hard to find. We sell clips, ties, string, twine and more!

We have different ranges of tools to suit the job in hand. From tree loppers to the trusty fork and spade.

Our friendly and helpful staff look forward to seeing you soon.