Offering a comprehensive range of Bird Feeders, Feeding Stations, Bird Baths and Nest Boxes, the ChapelWood collection will appeal to any wildlife enthusiast.

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CHAPELWOOD Beehive FeederCHAPELWOOD Beehive Feeder
CHAPELWOOD Beehive Feeder
•Ideal for a range of bird feed and treats •Handpainted ceramic construction •Metal hanging loop
CHAPELWOOD Compact Squirrel Proof Seed FeederCHAPELWOOD Compact Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder
CHAPELWOOD Compact Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder
•Strong powder-coated steel cage •Keeps smaller birds safe •Prevents squirrels and larger birds from accessing feed

CHAPELWOOD Lantern Seed FeederCHAPELWOOD Lantern Seed Feeder
CHAPELWOOD Lantern Seed Feeder
•Easy-clean, rot-proof polypropylene •Extra-large feed silos •Multiple feeding ports
Hanging Glass Feeder - Apple
Hanging Glass Feeder - Apple
•Helps to attract birds into the garden •Provides a sheltered space for small birds to feed •Ideal for seed, nuts and other feeds


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