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Sunjet 150 - DualSunjet 150 - Dual
Sunjet 150 - Dual
•Pump fitted with suckers for bottom mounting or can be used with the float (supplied) in deeper water •10 ft : 3 m cable to solar panel allows flexibility of location •Low voltage water pump with filter •Provides water oxygenation and circulation •Operates in direct sunlight only •3 different fountain heads to change fountain effect

Sunjet 300W - DualSunjet 300W - Dual
Sunjet 300W - Dual
3 different fountain heads. Maximum fountain height is up to 20 inches (50cm). Battery capacity for over 4 hours operation with illumination if fully charged. 2 x white LEDs automatically switch on at night using a light sensor. 10 ft : 3 m cable to solar.
Sunjet 500W - DualSunjet 500W - Dual
Sunjet 500W - Dual
3 different fountain heads. Operates in direct sunlight. Separate (supplied) solar panel. Creates your own water feature using your own bowl or container. Use the included suckers for bottom mounting or float in deeper water. No operating costs.

MEDIKOI Sturgeon Pellet 1kg
MEDIKOI Sturgeon Pellet 1kg
Medikoi Sturgeon is a quick-sinking pellet, specifically formulated to provide a complete feed for sturgeon and sterlet. This high-protein pellet has been designed to provide highly digestible proteins in a form that will allow them to be fully metabolised by your fish. Medikoi Sturgeon is also packed full of vitamins, minerals and oils, making this feed highly palatable for sturgeon, sterlet and other...

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MEDIKOI Wheatgerm 3kg
Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic is effective at stimulating appetite, ideal for autumn, winter and spring feeding. Scientifically formulated to increase protection of fish from parasitic attacks. The increased level of protection stems from the unique “smell” characteristics of garlic and its parasite repellant properties. Rich in sulfur-containing compounds, the volatile oils in garlic diffuse through...

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