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MINI MATE Dotty Grey 30 x 40cm
The Pet Rebellion mini ‘Dinner Mate’ is the perfect pet food mat for your cat or small dog's food and water bowls, It makes sure that any spills are absorbed and do not get spread across the floor. Our funky range of absorbent pet food mats protect your floor from absorbing mess and stopping it landing on your carpet, tiles or laminate. With space for both water and food bowls, they will never...

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SNUG RUG - DARK GREY - 67 x 100cm
Make your pet feel at home! Perfect for throwing over your bed, sofa or favourite arm chair. Made with an extra-long luxury pile and then finished with a super softener, giving a warm snuggle feel. Take your snug rug away on holiday (or to the office) and carry on as you do at home, helping to settle your dog into his new surroundings. Also ideal for kennels,cages and the car boot.

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STOP MUDDY PAWS I Love Muddy Paws - 45 x 100cm
Stop Muddy Paws pet barrier rugs are the best way to stop mud from your dogs feet, getting into your house. Pet Rebellion pet barrier rugs are absorbent, non-slip and machine washable. They trap the mud off your dog's paws, or your boots, and stop it spreading around your house. Fully machine washable Absorbent Non slip backing Floor Protection Size 45 x 100cm Stop Muddy Paws rugs not only look...