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HayPigs!® Cavy Candy Cane™ - Tilting Tunnel
Guinea pigs don't like candy, but they do love a stimulating enrichment toy (that looks a bit like candy). This candy cane themed tilting tunnel will have your piggies popcorning with delight when they realise it can be stuffed full of tasty hay and forage treats or used as a piggy seesaw for the more energetically inclined. The tube is 100% chewable (and sugar free), which is good news, as guinea...
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HayPigs!® Cavy Cannonball™ - Tilting Tunnel
OK, we admit it, this toy won't launch your guinea pigs into orbit! But it will provide them with a stimulating boredom breaker while making their pad look pretty funky too! The tube is 100% chewable, which is good news, as guinea pigs love to nibble! While energetic piggies may choose to charge through the tube (activating the seesaw mechanism), less energetic piggies might be more inclined to take...

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HayPigs!® Circus Treat Ball™ - 3-in-1 Enrichment Toy
Introducing the World’s first 3-in-1 treat ball! Our HayPigs!® Circus Treat Ball™ brings interaction, stimulation and play to a new level with its inventive multifunctionality and striking aesthetic. Designed for guinea pigs and other small furries, the HayPigs!® Circus Treat Ball™ consists of two uniquely designed hemispheres that can be joined together or used independently. As a complete...
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HayPigs!® Piggy Weightlifter™ - Vegetable Kebab Maker
The award-winning HayPigs® Piggy Weightlifter™ is the world's first, horizontal, pet friendly, vegetable kebab maker! Pull off the end, laden up the rod with carrots, cucumbers, celery and peppers (or whatever fruit or veg your piggies like!), then pop the end back on and give it to your piggies! Watch them shift it around, run off with it and play tug of war. Can even be mounted from the side of...

Jumbo Play Veg Carrot & Corn
Jumbo Play Veg Carrot & Corn
Jumbo sized corn leaf play veg for pets to chew and toss. Made from corn leaf and rattan and coloured with pet-safe colours. Twin pack with each toy 21cm long. Ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs

Maze-A-Log Treat ChallengeMaze-A-Log Treat Challenge
Maze-A-Log Treat Challenge
Inspired by our Shred-a-log, the Maze-a-log takes assorted sizes of corrugated cardboard ‘logs’ mounted on a thick 30 x 30cm board to create a ‘boredom breaking’ feeding challenge for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and even ferrets. Search, scratch and safe-to-chew fun which is ideal with many of our ‘Naturals’ treats (available separately).

Trio Of Fun Balls MediumTrio Of Fun Balls Medium
Trio Of Fun Balls Medium
Suitable for all small animals

WR Woven Tumblers (3Pc)
WR Woven Tumblers (3Pc)
Toy made only from 100% natural materials like palm leaf and abaca. Hand woven by Fair Trade producers in the Philippines. Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Chinchillas. Durable yet destructible. Perfect for chewing and tossing.