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Natural Instincts Natural Beef Tripe   1kgNatural Instincts Natural Beef Tripe   1kg
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Natural Instincts Natural Beef Tripe 1kg
The Natural Dog Food range is packed full of fresh meat, vegetables & fruit and specialised to the different needs & life stages of your dog with no need for supplements. Our natural dog food is 100% raw and gives your dog a complete balanced and healthy BARF diet. Choose from a range of rich, tasty flavours to find your dog's new favourite natural dog food and help keep them satisfied and full of life.

Actinidia pilosula   3L
Actinidia pilosula 3L
A very beautiful twining, deciduous climber with long and narrow leaves that are variegated with pink and cream with white tips.with white tips. It bears very attractive clusters of cup-shaped, fragrant deep pink flowers. Height - 5m (16ft). Prefers a sheltered position against a sunny wall or fence in fertile, well-drained soil.

Polygala 'Purple Passion'    11cm
Polygala 'Purple Passion' 11cm
Beautiful purple pink and yellow pea-like flowers smother the shiny, evergreen foliage from early Spring to early Summer. Very hardy and drought tolerant, being suitable for containers, in a rock garden or at the front of border, making excellent groundcover. Height 20cm (8”). Spread 50cm (20”). Prefers a well-drained soil in sun or part shade.