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Carrot Cottage Small
Carrot Cottage Small
What could be better than a cosy house made from tough, fun to chew parchment board coated in meadow hay and topped with a real carrot roof!? A unique, design protected concept that's bound to be as, if not even more, popular than our equally fantastic hay tunnels. Supplied shrink-wrapped and generously sized to fit larger or multiple pets.

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HayPigs!® Wheek Wagon™ - Hay Hopper
Hay and grass makes up 80-90% of a healthy guinea pigs diet and they love the stuff! This quirky circus wagon themed hay hopper will have your piggies literally hopping with excitement when they discover it filled with their favourite nosh! The wagon is made from non-toxic materials so it is safe for your guinea pigs to nibble on. It's also got a lid, so your pigs won't accidently clamber inside! The...
Johnston & Jeff Chipped Beechwood No.6 Budgerigar/Parakeet

Pack of hay

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HayPigs!® Food Craving Tamer™ - Food Bowl
This magical circus bowl is perfect for your piggies to gorge from. Not only does it look the business, but it's also tip-proof, stackable and dishwasher safe. Watch your piggies sit with their paws up on the bowl, like majestic lions strutting their stuff...! Or with their heads delving deep, like they haven't eaten in a week! Tip-proof, stackable design with non-slip rubber feet. Made from pet safe,...
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HayPigs!® Junior Food Tamer™ - Mini Food Bowl
We are delighted to release another new addition to our circus themed product range; the HayPigs!® Junior Food Tamer™ - Mini Food Bowl. After the success of our larger food bowl, the HayPigs!® Food Craving Tamer™, we have decided to make a miniature version, ideal for portion controlling pellet food for guinea pigs and also the perfect size for smaller furries like hamsters, gerbils and pet hedgehogs...

Options Med Corner Litter Tray
Options Med Corner Litter Tray
Our litter pans are high-backed, great value and easy to fit. They can simply sit in the corner of the pet's cage or can hook on to the supplied, easy-fit clips in wire/mesh homes. Medium size for dwarf rabbits and ferrets.

BURGESS Excel Snacks Mountain Meadow Herbs   120G
BURGESS Excel Snacks Mountain Meadow Herbs 120G
Excel Mountain Meadow Herbs is a delicious mix of aromatic herbs and flowers, including calming chamomile. It can be fed either as a snack or as a delicious topping on Excel Tasty Nuggets. • Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre 32% • Provides emotional and social enrichment, keeping your pet happy • Prevents boredom • 100% natural, wholesome ingredients Suitable for: All rabbits, guinea pigs...

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