We have started the vegetable calender with a choice of vegetables in strips, pack and pots. A great way to grow your own 5-a-day.

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Bean - Dwarf French 'Tendergreen' STRIP
Rightly one of the most popular varieties. An early, very prolific, pencil-podded bean with a good flavour. Good for freezing. Completely stringless. Transplant 25cm (10in) apart - in rows 75cm (30in) apart. Keep watered through the growing season and feed regularly.

Courgette Ambassador F1  9cmCourgette Ambassador F1  9cm
Courgette Ambassador F1 9cm
A high yielding, quick-maturing variety with cylindrical fruits. Has an open habit with few side shoots. Adds colour to the kitchen garden or the mixed flower and vegetable border.
Courgette Atena  9cm
Courgette Atena 9cm
Attractive, shiny, golden yellow, cylindrical fruits of excellent flavour. Early maturing and prolific cropping throughout the summer. Adds colour to the kitchen garden or the mixed flower and vegetable border.

Cucumber 'Burpless Tasty Green'  9cm
Cucumber 'Burpless Tasty Green' 9cm
A popular variety which can be grown outdoors. Dark green, medium to long fruits with a delicious crisp flavour. Can help people stop getting indigestion when eating cucumbers. Pinch out the growing point after 6 leaves have been made. Do not remove the male flowers from this variety.
Cucumber Femspot  9cmCucumber Femspot  9cm
Cucumber Femspot 9cm
All Female flowered, quick, strong grower. Earlier than most other cucumbers. A ribbed and bitter-free variety producing fruits up to 25-30cm (10-12in).

Cucumber Pasandra (Mini)  9cm
Cucumber Pasandra (Mini) 9cm
MINI CUCUMBER. Regularly produces small size fruit of 15-18cm.The fruits are slightly ribbed, cylindrical and dark green. Tolerant of mosaic virus, powdery and downy mildew. All female. Keep picking to produce a constant crop throughout the Summer.

Marrow Green Bush  9cm
Marrow Green Bush 9cm
Good, uniform, striped fruits. Can be picked as standard sized courgettes, or left to mature into marrows. Keep well-watered in hot weather, and use a liquid fertilizer regularly as soon as the plant begins to fruit.

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Melon 'Sivan' 9cm
A Charantais F1 hybrid producing early, heavy yields of good-sized, smooth-skinned fruits. Sweet orange flesh with very sweet aromatic pinky-orange flesh. Tolerant of lower temperatures. Globe shaped fruits which can weigh approximately 600grams. Grow in a greenhouse or polytunnel.
Melon Ogon  9cm
Melon Ogon 9cm
An open pollinated variety producing small, broad, oval fruits, green-skinned with yellow flesh. Warm, rich, sweet flavour. Easy to grow indoors or outside in full sun.

Pepper (Chilli) Scotch Bonnet   8.5cm
Pepper (Chilli) Scotch Bonnet 8.5cm
An extremely hot Pepper. Can be eaten raw, or dried for later use. Grow in a sunny position in the garden, on a patio or in the greenhouse. Keep watered, and when the fruits begin to swell, feed regularly.

Pepper (Sweet) Bell Boy F1  9cm
Pepper (Sweet) Bell Boy F1 9cm
Deep green to red fruits (usually used to produce green peppers), thick-walled, excellent variety. Keep watered, and when the fruits begin to swell feed regularly.

Pepper (Sweet) Sweet Banana  9cm
Pepper (Sweet) Sweet Banana 9cm
Bright yellow, thick walled fruits reaching up to 8in long, with a mild taste. Keep watered, and when the fruits begin to swell feed regularly.
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