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Acer platanoides 'Drummondii'   10L
Acer platanoides 'Drummondii' 10L
A form of 'Norway maple'. An attractive small to medium-sized deciduous tree. The leaves are green with a white margin. Will grow in most well-drained soils in a sunny position.
Acer psedoplatanus 'Brilliantissimum'   10L
Acer psedoplatanus 'Brilliantissimum' 10L
A small deciduous tree. The slow growth rate makes it a good choice for small gardens. The young leaves in Spring are a glorious shrimp-pink colour, later changing to pale yellow-green and finally green. Grow in moist but well-drained, fertile soil in sun or part-shade.

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'  10L
Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' 10L
'Eastern Redbud'. A spreading deciduous shrub with beautiful, heart- shaped, dark purple-red leaves. Deep crimson, purple or pink flowers are borne before the leaves appear. Height & Spread - 3m+ (10ft+). Prefers a sheltered site in moist but well-drained soil.

Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet'   10L
Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet' 10L
'Midland Hawthorn'. A small tree. A rounded thorny deciduous tree with small glossy bright green leaves. Clusters of double scarlet flowers from April to May, followed by red or orange-red fruit. Very hardy striking native tree. Will grow in most sites and soils.
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Liquidamber styraciflua 'Gum Ball' 75cm STD 10L (6-8)
'Heavenly Bamboo'. Evergreen, compact, bamboo-like shrub with an upright habit. Produces a variety of leaf colours on a fairly dense plant. New growth is bronze with orange tints. Older leaves range from blue-green to gold. Height & Spread - 60-90cm (2-3ft). Prefers a sunny or partly shaded, sheltered site in moist. acid to neutral, well-drained soil.

Malus 'Evereste'   12L
Malus 'Evereste' 12L
Crab Apple. A good tree for a small garden. A conical deciduous tree with masses of attractive white flowers produced from red buds from May to June followed by red-flushed orange-yellow fruits from July. Will grow in most well-drained soils in sun or partial shade.

Malus brevipes 'Wedding Bouquet'   10L
Malus brevipes 'Wedding Bouquet' 10L
Shell-shaped, ivory-white, scented flowers which appear in April. These are followed by masses of small, translucent dark red crab apples which persist until December and are good for wildlife. A slow growing variety, so good for restricted spaces. Will grow in most well drained soils in sun or partial shade. Height - 3m (10ft). Spread - 2.4m (8ft) after 10 yrs.
Malus x atrosanguinea 'Gorgeous'   10L
Malus x atrosanguinea 'Gorgeous' 10L
Crab Apple. A fitting name for this charming Malus. The shiny green foliage is a perfect foil for the white Spring flowers, and are almost apple-blossom at times. The Autumn fruits are large and bright, glossy red, like perfect wax cherries. Will grow in most well-drained soils in sun or partial shade. Good scab resistance.

Prunus x blireana   10L
Prunus x blireana 10L
A small tree. This beautiful small, spreading tree has leaves of a metallic coppery-purple. The rose pink double flowers are over 2.5 cm (1 in) across and slightly fragrant and appear with the leaves in April. Will grow in most well-drained soils in sun or partial shade.

Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis'   10L
Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis' 10L
‘Autumn Cherry’. A small deciduous tree. This small tree produces it’s semi-double, white flowers intermittently from November to March. Flowers may be found on this tree on almost any Winters day and a few cut sprays are a welcome indoor decoration. Prefers most well-drained soils in sun or partial shade.