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Canna 'Phasion' (DURBAN)   17cm
Canna 'Phasion' (DURBAN) 17cm
A.K.A.- C.'DURBAN'; C.'TROPICANNA'. A tender perennial. The leaves are very dark olive green, striped with pale green-yellow and red veins. The flowers are a vivd orange and are produced from late July. Height - 1.5m (5ft); (Foliage height - 1.2m (4ft)); Plant in a sunny position. Best overwintered somewhere with a minimum Winter temp of 6`C.

Chamaerops humilis  15cm
Chamaerops humilis 15cm
Initially forms a dense bush of fan-shaped leaves and gradually develops a trunk. Ideal for growing in a sheltered border or container, in a sunny position. Requires a very well-drained soil. Height & Spread - 2.1m x 2.1m+ (7 x 7ft+).

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