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Cyclamen hederifolium 9cm
A Hardy tuberous perennial with variable green or patterned leaves. Delicate pink flowers with deep maroon at the base of each petal, produced before the leaves from January to March.. Self-seeds freely. Height 8-12cm (3-4in). Spread 15cm (6in). Prefers a sheltered, free-draining position.

Helleborus argutifolius  1Ldp
Helleborus argutifolius 1Ldp
'Corsican Hellebore'. An evergreen perennial producing grey-green, attractively veined , divided leaves. Large clusters of bowl-shaped, pale apple-green flowers from late winter to spring. Height - 75cm (30in); Spread - 90cm (3ft). Prefers partial shade with some shelter from cold drying winds in most soils. Harmful if eaten.

Helleborus foetidus  1Ldp
Helleborus foetidus 1Ldp
'Stinking Hellebore'. An evergreen perennial producing dark green, divided leaves. Large clusters of bell-shaped, lime-green, purple margined flowers from January - April.. Height - 80cm (32in); Spread - 45cm (18in). Grow in moisture-retentive, well- drained soil in sun or partial shade. Shelter from cold drying winds. Harmful if eaten.

Helleborus x sternii  1Ldp
Helleborus x sternii 1Ldp
An evergreen perennial producing veined, purplish green leaves on purple stems. Creamy green flowers, suffused pinkish purple, are produced from January to April. Height and Spread - 30cm (12in). Will grow in sun or partial shade in most well-drained soils. Harmful if eaten.