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Apple 'Bramley's Seeding' (M26)   12L
Apple 'Bramley's Seeding' (M26) 12L
Pollination group - BT. As a triploid variety it needs 2 different varieties to pollinate. The most popular commercial and home grown cooking apple. Heavy crops of extra-large fruit with creamy, juicy flesh - full of flavour! Grows well in sun or part-shade in most soils. Pick - October; Use - Nov. to March . M26 Rootstock -will grow approx 3m (10 ft). Prune in Winter.
Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'  3L
Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey' 3L
© Image courtesy of Blackmoor Nurseries

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Pear 'Concorde' (Q.C.) 10L
Pollination group - C. Dessert pear. Q.C. rootstock. A superb NEW tree. Its fruit is medium-large light green turning to pale yellow, with sweet, juicy flesh and good texture. It is very heavy cropping. A perfect garden variety. Pick - Late October; Use - November to January. Q.C. Rootstock -will grow approx 1.8-2.4m (6-8 ft) high. Prune in Winter.