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Allium 'Millenium' 3L
Large, rounded heads of silver-purple, starry flowers on stout stems, from mid-Spring to early Summer. Height - 60cm (2ft). Spread - 20cm (8in). Ideal as cut flowers or dried. Suitable for borders or containers. Avoid disturbing the root ball. Will grow in a sunny position in well-drained soil.
Convallaria majalis  9cm
Convallaria majalis 9cm
'Lily of the valley'. A tough, creeping perennial with dark green foliage and stems of strongly scented, waxy white bell-shaped flowers from March to April. Height - 15cm (6in); Spread - 30cm+ (12in+). Grows in most soils in partial or full shade.

Cyclamen coum   9cm
Cyclamen coum 9cm
This excellent, hardy winter-flowering cyclamen will slowly spread to give a carpet of colour under trees or shrubs. Pink or crimson flowers from December to March. Rounded, silvery-green leaves with marbled markings. Height - 10cm (4in). Prefers a sheltered, free-draining position.
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Cyclamen hederifolium 9cm
A Hardy tuberous perennial with variable green or patterned leaves. Delicate pink flowers with deep maroon at the base of each petal, produced before the leaves from January to March.. Self-seeds freely. Height 8-12cm (3-4in). Spread 15cm (6in). Prefers a sheltered, free-draining position.

Erythronium pagoda  1L
Erythronium pagoda 1L
'Dog's Tooth Violet'. A bulbous perennial with mottled, rich green leaves. Its stems bear up to ten nodding sulphur-yellow flowers with deep yellow anthers, in March and April. Height - 35cm (14in). Clumps will spread and form a very attractive displayt. Prefers a shady or partially shady position, in fertile, humus-rich, freely draining soil that does not dry out.

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SPRING BULB PACK Anemone blanda 6PK
A pack of six Anemone blanda plants.

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SPRING BULB PACK Narcissus 'Tete a Tete' 6PK
A pack of six Narcissi 'Tete a Tete' bulbs.