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Carrot Cottage Small
Carrot Cottage Small
What could be better than a cosy house made from tough, fun to chew parchment board coated in meadow hay and topped with a real carrot roof!? A unique, design protected concept that's bound to be as, if not even more, popular than our equally fantastic hay tunnels. Supplied shrink-wrapped and generously sized to fit larger or multiple pets.

BURGESS Excel Snacks Mountain Meadow Herbs   120G
BURGESS Excel Snacks Mountain Meadow Herbs 120G
Excel Mountain Meadow Herbs is a delicious mix of aromatic herbs and flowers, including calming chamomile. It can be fed either as a snack or as a delicious topping on Excel Tasty Nuggets. • Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre 32% • Provides emotional and social enrichment, keeping your pet happy • Prevents boredom • 100% natural, wholesome ingredients Suitable for: All rabbits, guinea pigs...

FRIENDLY Readigrass   1kg
FRIENDLY Readigrass 1kg
Natural, nutritious and excellent value for money, Friendly ReadiGrass keeps pets and their owners coming back for more. The perfect alternative to conventional hay, Friendly ReadiGrass looks and smells as good as fresh spring grass.

Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix   850g
Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix 850g
A Nutritionally balanced food suitable for Guinea Pigs of all ages. Added Vitamin C at 250mg/kg. Enhances digestive healt. Encourages natural foraging behaviour. Promotes dental wer. High palatabl. No added sugar.

Maze-A-Log Treat ChallengeMaze-A-Log Treat Challenge
Maze-A-Log Treat Challenge
Inspired by our Shred-a-log, the Maze-a-log takes assorted sizes of corrugated cardboard ‘logs’ mounted on a thick 30 x 30cm board to create a ‘boredom breaking’ feeding challenge for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and even ferrets. Search, scratch and safe-to-chew fun which is ideal with many of our ‘Naturals’ treats (available separately).

WR Woven Tumblers (3Pc)
WR Woven Tumblers (3Pc)
Toy made only from 100% natural materials like palm leaf and abaca. Hand woven by Fair Trade producers in the Philippines. Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Chinchillas. Durable yet destructible. Perfect for chewing and tossing.

Harvest Festival 80G
Harvest Festival 80G
Natural assortment of selected herbs, grasses and other edible plants; carefully harvested, sorted and dried. For rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

Mark & Chappell Nutri Care Small Animal Treat   30g
Mark & Chappell Nutri Care Small Animal Treat 30g
Tasty treats specially formulated to help maintain a healthy skin and coat. Contains Omega 3 fatty acid and essential vitamins and minerals. A healthy way to encourage bonding between owner and pet.
Nature'S Salad 200G
Nature'S Salad 200G
21 tasty and nutritious ingredients make up this tempting salad! With aromatic and beneficial marigold, dandelion, nettle and peppermint your pets will be in furry heaven. Ideal everyday for all Small Animals, but particularly for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Made only from 100% natural ingredients.