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Natural Instincts Green Tripe 500g twin
A traditional raw food for dogs, green beef tripe is high in nutrients and essential fats. Great as a treat meal every now and then, or to encourage an otherwise reluctant dog to eat. You can use this product as a base to which you can add your own ingredients for a balanced meal. Ingredients - British beef green tripe (100%). Analysis - Moisture 74.0%, Protein 13.9%, Fat 10.6%, Fibre 2.0%, Calcium...

Natural Instincts Natural Beef Tripe   1kgNatural Instincts Natural Beef Tripe   1kg
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Natural Instincts Natural Beef Tripe 1kg
The Natural Dog Food range is packed full of fresh meat, vegetables & fruit and specialised to the different needs & life stages of your dog with no need for supplements. Our natural dog food is 100% raw and gives your dog a complete balanced and healthy BARF diet. Choose from a range of rich, tasty flavours to find your dog's new favourite natural dog food and help keep them satisfied and full of life.

Natural Instincts Special Diet (Beef & Chicken)   1Kg
Natural Instincts Special Diet (Beef & Chicken) 1Kg
This recipe has been developed for dogs with specific dietary needs, such as low fat or low bone. It is therefore suitable for dogs that suffer from pancreatitis, colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. It is also great for overweight dogs that need to lose a few pounds! Ingredients - British beef white tripe (50%), British chicken with bone (20%), carrot, apple, butternut squash, British beef liver...
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