ALPINE Dianthus 'Mendlesham Minx' 9cm

ALPINE Dianthus 'Mendlesham Minx'  9cm

9cm Pot Alpine Offer - 5 for £10

We have a wide selection of alpines here at Willowbrook. They are a versatile range of plants with alot of them being evergreen, displaying lots of flowers at certain times of the year, generally easy to grow if given well drained soil and this offer makes them even better value. The range changes throughout the season so it is worth checking back at regular intervals to see NEW varieties. Catch them before they are gone! Have ANY mix of five 9cm pot alpine plants for £10.

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ALPINE Ajuga reptans 'Blueberry Muffin' 9cm
ALPINE Ajuga reptans 'Braunhertz' 9cm
ALPINE Alyssum montanum 'Bergold' 9cm
ALPINE Arabis alpina caucasica 'Pinkie' 9cm
ALPINE Arabis alpina caucasica 'Schneehaube' ('SNOWCAP') 9cm
ALPINE Arabis ferdinandi-coburgi 'Old Gold' 9cm
ALPINE Arenaria montana 9cm
ALPINE Aubrieta 'Axcent Deep Purple' 9cm
ALPINE Aubrieta 'Dr Mules Variegata' 9cm
ALPINE Aurinia saxatilis 'Gold Bullet' 9cm
ALPINE Campanula 'Lisduggan variety' 9cm
ALPINE Campanula garganica 'Dicksons Gold' 9cm
ALPINE Campanula portenschlagiana 9cm
ALPINE Campanula portenschlagiana 'Clockwise' 9cm
ALPINE Delosperma 'Lavender Ice' 9cm
ALPINE Delosperma cooperi 'Table Mountain' 9cm
ALPINE Dianthus 'Morning Star' 9cm
ALPINE Dianthus 'Pixie Star' 9cm
ALPINE Dianthus 'Starburst' 9cm
ALPINE Dianthus 'Supernova' 9cm
ALPINE Dianthus 'Warden Hybrid' 9cm
ALPINE Dianthus 'Whatfield Gem' 9cm
ALPINE Helianthemum 'Ben Fhada' 9cm
ALPINE Helianthemum 'Ben Hope' 9cm
ALPINE Helianthemum 'Ben Ledi' 9cm
ALPINE Helianthemum 'The Bride' 9cm
ALPINE Leontopodium alpina 9cm
ALPINE Phlox subulata 'Emerald Cushion Blue' 9cm
ALPINE Phlox subulata 'McDaniel's Cushion' 9cm
ALPINE Primula denticulata 'Lilac' 9cm
ALPINE Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Red' 9cm
ALPINE Saponaria 'Bressingham' 9cm
ALPINE Sedum 'Lemon Ball' 9cm
ALPINE Sedum rupestre 'Silver' 9cm
ALPINE Sedum spathulifolium 'Purpureum' 9cm
ALPINE Sempervivum 'Happy' 9cm
ALPINE Sempervivum 'Noir' 9cm
ALPINE Sisyrinchium californicum 9cm
ALPINE Thymus 'Doone Valley' 9cm
ALPINE Thymus longicaulis 9cm
ALPINE Thymus pulegoides 'Bertram Anderson' 9cm
ALPINE Thymus serpyllum 'Goldstream' 9cm
ALPINE Veronica prostrata 'Trehane' 9cm

Expires 30th September 2019

Product Description

Has a dwarf, compact habit. Produces scented, darkest maroon, double flowers, edged and splashed with white. Best when planted in full sun in well-drained soil. Ideal for troughs or other containers, or in the rock garden. Feed in Summer for continuous flowering. Height - 14 cm (5.5 in) - Mid.

Product Features

  • Foliage Colour: Silver
  • Plant Height: Dwarf

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